Battle of the Platforms: All of the Platforms Challenging Instagram

All of the Platforms Challenging Instagram

With over 500 million active daily users, Facebook owned Instagram is one of the largest online social media platforms currently running. Its easy-to-use interface and wide variety of in app photo editing opportunities allow people to express their creativity in a wide variety of ways to make the profile be unique. The ability to save your favorite stories to always be on your profile helps give newcomers a quick summary of your favorite moments, the ability to Instagram Schriftart ändern is helpful to ensure your profile can visually stand out from the rest and the easy to recognize nametag system makes sharing the profile with the world as easy as possible. All this is great but in the free market, when one company is dominating with a great product it just forces their competitors to step up to their level. Here are a few social media platforms that are trying to knock Instagram off of their throne.


Is Facebook falling out of popularity?


For a while, Facebook was the dominating social media platform of the world. It surpassed My Space in 2008 as the social media site with the most daily visits and has just got bigger and bigger since. The ability to share statuses, videos, pictures, play games, video chat and message others gave the app a huge amount of flexibility. People could use it for all of their internet needs from following their favorite celebrities, getting their news headlines, watching videos of their nephews first day at school or playing 8 ball with a friend. Even with all this, in 2018 the usage of Facebook started to decline from 67% to 62%, but why. There could be plenty of reasons for this. It could be due to their younger users choosing to use other sites such as Instagram, Tik Tok and snapchat but one of the main reasons is influencers. Due to the easily digestible and consistent format of Instagram, companies pay celebrities and influencers to take photos of themselves using the product and post it to Instagram as an ad. That kind of sponsorship based integrated advertising isn’t anywhere near as prominent on Facebook as it’s much easier for content to get swept under the rug there. All this means that celebs end up gravitating towards other platforms where they can make more money, and they end up taking their fans with them.


What even is Tik Tok?


After merging with the almost dead app that was known as Musical.ly in 2018, TikTok became available worldwide and very quickly started to grow in popularity. TikTok proved a continuous stream of short repeating videos that fit into plenty of different types and genres. All the way from big worldwide news stories to hyper specific comedy skits you’d only understand if you were a British teenager in 2014. Although it may pale in comparison to Instagram in terms of userbase, the users who do use TikTok tend to spend more time on average scrolling through their feed. TikTok content recommendation algorithm is incredibly effect recognizing a user’s interest and funneling them hyper specific content related to those interests. Whilst most social media apps have a system like this, the TikTok algorithm is famous for how quickly it zeros in on a person unique interests and personality traits. Instagram’s on the other hand is famous for almost the exact opposite. Their recommended discover page is often no where near as accurate in the type of content it filters its users than TikTok is which could be a make or break in the future.


Is YouTube even a Social Media Platform?


By far the biggest video sharing forum on the internet, YouTube has been a staple part of the online world since it began in 2005. It’s gone through a lot of changes over the past seventeen years but is still just as popular as ever boasting a massive 2.291 Billion active users. Whilst YouTube has now almost become on the same level as something like Netflix in terms of the consistent content production is provides for its users, its easy to forget that alongside Myspace, YouTube helped to create the blueprint for a lot of social media rends to follow. The intense connection between creators and users through the comments section, the ability to rate videos and share them with other people, all of this really got popular through YouTube. To this day, even Instagram is only just started to realize the important of connecting influencers and their fans. The introduction of Instagram Live is starting to scratch that YouTube itch for a lot of people, why watch a 10-minute video of a big celebrity discussing their next project on YouTube when you can ask them questions about it live on their Instagram story. If Instagram leans into this concept, they could easily poach some of YouTubes massive userbase for themselves.


In conclusion, Instagram may be doing well but the fight isn’t over yet. Thought the big social media titans are falling in popularity Instagram would still need to effectively show that they are a good replacement for them. And with much more concise apps like TikTok with a more accurate and digestible feed creeping right up on them, who knows where Instagram will be within the next 10 years but I for one am excited to see the future of social media.

Why Minecraft is a Prime Example of How Tech can Inspire People

At all points of life, we are always looking for ways in which we can be inspired from random sources. There are many walks of life where we can gain random inspiration and when we get it, it can completely change our outlooks on life.

In recent years, tech has become a very important part of everyone’s lives. The world has gone almost completely digital, which means that everything that was once done manually can now be done via tech. The same can be said about inspiration as tech has been inspiring a generation for years now.

Many people think it is something for something material such as tech to be able to inspire people, but there are many examples of this simply not being the case. One of the best examples of this being the open-world game Minecraft. This game has been around for the best part of the last two decades and during this time it has inspired an entire generation of children and adults that have grown up playing this game. If you are someone that doesn’t have much experience with this game, then you may fail to see how the game could have inspired so many people. Here are just some of the many ways that Minecraft inspired an entire generation of people.


Reports show that in the last ten years there has been a drastic increase in people choosing to study architecture at a higher education level. Many people believe that Minecraft is partly responsible for this. One of the main features of the game is being able to use the material to build just about anything you want. In fact, there is a creative mode that is specifically dedicated to those who love the building aspect of the game and it gets rid of any of the limits that come with the original game mode, allowing the player to access any material to be able to build with.

If you have a quick look on google, you will be able to see many examples of what people have managed to make on the game and the creativity of a lot of people’s creations will really surprise you. Players have made whole towns with detailed buildings throughout which seem like they would be almost impossible to make.

Many people that spent time testing out their building ability on Minecraft were then inspired to test their skills in real life and venture into the world of architecture, where they could really see what their imagination could produce in real life. Many believe that Minecraft is actually to thank for some of the greatest architectural minds of the 21st century and as the features of the game continue to improve, we believe that there will only be more people inspired to pursue a career in the world of architecture.



As well as inspiring a generation of architects, it is also believed that Minecraft inspired a generation of computer programmers. Though computing isn’t one of the main aspects of the game when you play and own online Minecraft servers there can be some programming involved in order to successfully run a Minecraft server unless you just connect to a server that is available on the Minecraft server list. For those of us that wanted to host private servers for our friends, we were forced to pick up some programming knowledge from quite a young age.

For some people picked up some programming knowledge, developed an interest in the world of programming, and decided to further develop their knowledge through their own research and pursuit of further education. Without Minecraft being a part of everyone’s life, we may not have the programmers that we have today which means we may not have some of the games that we love and we may not have some of the applications that we all depend on every day.


Animal Lovers

Something that is not very commonly known about Minecraft is that it has a vast list of animals that you can find in the game. Though the game can not be one hundred percent accurate all of the time, the game does try to stick to some accuracies about the animals that they have within the game.

The best examples of where they try to stay accurate are through the biomes that you can find the animals in and what the animals in the game eat. In recent years, they have become more specific with the features that the animals have. When they introduced bees into the game, they added the feature that when you injure the bees they will fight back and hurt your character. This was done in order to teach people how to properly interact with insects in real life and this is actually very valuable information.

They more recently added axolotls to the game and they became one of the most accurate depictions of the animals yet and they can only be very rarely found and within dark bodies of water, which is true to real life as axolotls can only be found in the wild in one specific lake in Mexico.

The introduction of animals to the game inspired a lot of people to further their knowledge of animals and many Minecraft users have actually gone into animal-based careers and have searched for ways to help look after some animals that are going extinct.

Unique Shopping Sites With Cutting Edge Technologies

The number of online shopping sites is growing every day. You will find a lot of listings if you do a quick search online, but which online stores are the best? We’ve selected some of the best shopping websites for you. Almost anything you can think of. You’ll find that convenience is one of the best things about online shopping, and you’ll experience that as you shop at these Now that you have the time, you can click through these sites to find that thing you have been wanting to get but haven’t had time to do. It’d be fun to see what deals you can find and have some fun with it


Its thousands of products have made it a mammoth presence on the web, leaving a traditional bookstore in the dust. You can find millions of items on the website not only from its own warehouses but also from sellers from all over the world who can upload their own items By doing so, it is easy for you to compare prices across a variety of stores and individual sellers at a glance. With Amazon’s Dash button, you can shop for items you purchase frequently and save time in the process. There are few companies as big as Amazon in the world Among those who shop on Amazon, you can get some free stuff. More people shop here than any other online shopping site. From a computer, you can access Amazon’s website through the link below, but you can also access the website


The company originally sold only shoes, but has grown to include all sorts of items including clothing for women and children, accessories for men, and bags. With Women, Men, Kids, Brands, Dept., Brands, and Sale being the various categories on the website, it is easy to navigate. The sections are subdivided into relevant subsections where you can drill down into what you desire. A separate webpage is devoted to Zappos Adaptive, which includes shoes, clothes, and other items designed with an extra function in mind in order to make them easier to wear. Wear it on, pull it on Our medical wear as well as magnetic jackets and pants are stylish and comfortable. With many customer reviews lauding Zappos, it has earned the reputation of being the best online shopping site in the industry Our customers have submitted stories of how Zappos’ employees go above and beyond to ensure they have a good experience.



most popular online auction site in the world. You can find almost anything on here, and even become an eBay seller to make some money off your excess stuff. Whenever you’re looking for a collectible, this is the first shopping site you should check, but you’re also likely to find brand-new items as well. There are a variety of filters you can use to sort through your search results, including brand, price, size, color, features, and consumer reviews. As an added bonus, eBay offers advanced search functionality which makes the site a useful way to locate items that will ship for free, brand new products, and Buy It Now items over auction items. Overall, eBay’s reputation as a great bargain-shopping site continues to grow As one of the most popular shopping destinations, it keeps its ranking consistently high. Users of eBay’s online store and mobile app can do so from either a web browser or a mobile device.


What is the legitimacy of ASOS? In addition to Levi’s, Nike, adidas, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, and more, ASOS offers shopping online with major brands such as Levi’s, Nike, Adidas. you’re looking for super cheap clothing and cosmetics, you won’t find those here, instead name brands are sold here with discounts off retail prices.


Founded in 2021 and based in the United States, OveReview offers over 2,000,000 reviews for different products and A team of professionals at the company spends hundreds of hours researching brands, analyzing reviews of certain products, and creating tools to assist buyers in making the best possible decision. Moreover, the company uses an artificial intelligence tool to analyze thousands of products each day and award scores based on various criteria such as size, functionality, value for money, and ease of use.



7 Gadgets That make Fantastic Christmas Gifts

Though it may be the middle of summer, for those of you out there with a big family and a lot of gifts to buy, you may be thinking about starting your Christmas shopping. Purchasing gifts for Christmas can be extremely overwhelming. Not only do you have to think of an individual gift for all of your loved ones, but you also have to foot the bill which may not be too appealing. To make it easier for you, here are 7 gadgets that make fantastic Christmas gifts. 


If you have a music lover in your life, you should consider looking into getting them a pair of earphones. Earphones are not only a very useful gift, but they are also very thoughtful. You can easily find some very reasonably priced earphones that your loved one will absolutely adore and if you buy them from the right place, you can also set up insurance cover so if they break your loved ones will be able to easily find a replacement. Earphones are one of those items that can be easily lost, so be sure to find some sort of case for them. 

A Vape 

If you have a family member that is trying to quit smoking, you should consider buying them a vape. Sometimes our loved ones need a little push in the right direction and so if you provide them with a tool that will help improve their journey to quitting, then they will be very appreciative. 

Vapes aren’t only used to quit smoking and if you have a family member that has been experiencing high-stress levels, then they may also appreciate a vape that they can use to smoke cbd oil and other therapeutic oils. 

Massage Gun 

Every single person in the world would happily accept a massage gun if one was offered to them. As we get older, our bodies, unfortunately, start to deteriorate slightly which means that we start to feel annoying aches and pains that interrupt our everyday lives. A massage gun is a great tool to use at the end of the day and helps to combat any aches and pains. Massage guns are especially popular with people who feel frequent and persistent back pain, as the guns have been known to offer a lot of relief when used. 


Speakers are one of those items that everyone needs but nobody ever wants to buy them for themselves. A speaker is extremely useful and can be bought at quite a reasonable price, which makes it the perfect gift for the music lover in your life. This is also kind of a gift for yourself as I am sure that you have had to go to someone’s house in the past and had to deal with them not owning a speaker, which means that you have had to listen to music through their TV or other smaller devices, which can be extremely awkward.  

Adventure Camera 

If someone in your life loves going on adventures and getting out there, then you should definitely look into purchasing an adventure camera for them. An adventure camera will allow them to record all of their big adventures and can be attached to any article of clothing or mounted to a helmet. Is a very common thing for people who love adventures to never really have any documentation of the brilliant adventures that they have completed and so by giving them this camera, they will be able to look back on the footage in the future and remember just how much fun they had.  

Electric Wax Melter 

In the last year or so, the world kind of went mad for wax melts. While everyone was discovering new hobbies that they could take up to occupy their time with, wax melt making became very popular. There is nothing better than sitting back and enjoying a room that smells lovely and so there is no wonder why so many people got so obsessed. Using wax melts does have its annoying side, such as having to replace the candle and so purchasing an electric wax melter for your friends means that they simply need to plug it in. 

Air Fryer 

If you have been on the internet recently, then you will be more than aware of just how much people love air fryers. Air fryers are a healthier frying alternative as it doesn’t require the use of oil and instead depends on hot air to cook the food. 

Air fryers have become very popular due to the recipes that have been shared on the internet that show just what you are capable of making with the fryer. They are extremely reasonably priced which means that you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when treating your loved one. 

7 Bits of Tech you’ll Need to Run a Home Business

A few decades ago, the thought of running a home business was unimaginable but nowadays they’re becoming more popular than ever. As technology has developed and advanced over the years it has opened so many doors and created so many opportunities. It made the idea of having a home business realistic. Over the last year, more home businesses have been registered than any other year. This could be because of the pandemic that took the world by surprise and led to lockdowns being imposed worldwide. Many people lost their jobs and then used their spare time in lockdown to create a home business and many people who were working from realized how great it was and decided to pursue starting their own business, rather than returning to the office once coronavirus is no longer a threat. There are so many benefits of starting a home business like no more long commutes taking hours out of your day, no more rude bosses, you can work in your pajamas and you can pick your own hours. However, if this will be your main source of income then you need to set yourself up for success, a lot of organization and work will be required to run a great home business. One of the most important things to ensure your business thrives is having the right technology, we’ve found the 7 best bits of tech that you’ll need to run a home business. 


VPN stands for virtual private network and if you’re planning on starting up a home business then you’ll definitely want to consider using a VPN. There are so many pros of using a VPN, the main thing that attracts people to using a VPN is that it allows a business to have full confidentiality, it prevents any data inputted by you or your clients from being seen whilst in transit and this prevents any data from being tampered with. It can be hard to figure out which is the best VPN as there are so many out there, but whichever one you choose will provide your business with lots of additional security. 

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software is crucial for any business, especially if you’re starting up a small home business. Home businesses are less trusted than established chains as it would be easy for anyone to start up a home business that’s actually a scam. By installing anti-virus software you’re protecting your network from any dangerous malware as well as viruses and therefore protecting your clients allowing them to build up trust in you. Anti-virus software will help to prevent and potential data breaches, this is important as if there was a data breach your business would lose any trust it had started to gain. 

Credit Card Processing

Society has changed massively over the last decade, back then using cash was the main way that people spent their money, but now, as the world has become more digitalized more purchases are made with debit/credit cards than they are with cash. By using a credit card processor your business will be able to accept any form of online payment from anywhere in the world and at any time in the day. Using a processor also involves encrypted technology that will protect your customer’s data. 

Time Tracker Software

If you have any employees working for your business, then this is a great piece of software to install. For your business to be a success all of your employees need to be working hard and this software will help you to increase productivity. The software will record your employees working hours, their breaks, their expenses, their overtime, and what projects they’re working on. This gives you much more control over the work your employees are putting into your business and will ensure not much time is wasted during working hours. 

Online Project Management Software

If you’ve gone from working for someone to running your own home business then it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities you now have. This software is great for keeping you organized and keeping you on track. It allows you to manage much more effectively as you can allocate resources using it and delegate responsibilities too. If you have a complex project that many employees are working on, it also allows them to communicate with each other to keep the project running smoothly. 

Webinar Services

While webinar services have always been a great addition to any home business, this year they have become more important than ever before. If you have worldwide clients it can be harder to maintain a great relationship with them, by using a webinar service you can conduct presentations online, whether that’s a sales pitch, a product demonstration, or if you have employees worldwide training sessions. Webinar services have been a lifesaver for many businesses this past year as they gave them a way to stay in touch with clients and keep providing them with great customer service whilst in lockdown.  


Online Data Storage

Several of these great pieces of technology have had additional security measures to protect your clients’ data, the importance of this shouldn’t be underestimated. Online data storage is great as it allows you to access files from anywhere with an internet connection if you need to work away from home, whilst still keeping all of your stored data safe.  

7 Bits of Tech Used by Game Developers to Craft their Games

The gaming industry is one of the pillars of the entertainment sector, the majority of people aged 13 – 50 have used gaming as a source of entertainment at some point in their life making the industry and the profits that are made by gaming companies skyrocket. With gaming being so popular many people have started to question just how these companies are able to produce such immersive games, as well as the specific pieces of gaming technology and equipment that they use to create them.  



 A good gaming headset is an essential piece of technology when it comes to creating a video game, the music and the sound effects that are used within the game are crucial to ensuring every player has access to a highly immersive experience when they play. Particularly within games like roleplayers and first-person shooters where the sounds you hear around you are imperative to your success, it is important that those who are creating the games are listening using the best equipment so that they are able to check that everything is as it should be.




In the same way, that sound is important to the experience the graphics and display quality of a game is just as important if you want an immersive experience. With this in mind, it is very important that game developers are using the best monitors on the market during the game testing process. If you are limiting the display quality of the game by using a budget monitor then you are not going to get the full intended experience out of it. Game developers will cater to the standard monitor technology that is available at the time of release.   




Depending on the platforms that specific games will be released upon, the game developers will have to test how the game plays when used with the console controller. They will have to take into account which recommended controls should be assigned to which part of the controller, and they will have to test this in order to find the most comfortable combination of controls for their players. Game developers will have to make sure their game has been tested using all variations of controllers that are available so that everything will run smoothly across all controllers and consoles.   

Gaming Chairs

Especially when it comes to the more cinematic roleplay games a huge part of the experience is how immersive the game is, many gamers agree that in order to have a comfortable and immersive experience a professional gaming chair may be required. Gaming chairs are designed to keep the player comfortable so that they can game for longer periods of time, and they usually come equipped with built-in speakers to create a surround sound effect. Game developers will get the best immersive experience from their games if they ensure it is compatible with gaming chairs. 


Hacks and Cheat Software

There is a common misconception that cheats and hacks shouldn’t be used within games and that there is something unlawful about using them, many games actually encourage you to use hacks and cheat codes to help you to progress at a much faster rate. One of the latest and most popular hack releases would have to be the rainbow six siege cheats to help you win more and progress in the game. Game developers will have to take into consideration hacks and cheat codes when they are creating their own games, they can either choose to not accommodate cheat codes or can implement them to make the experience more enjoyable for the player.  

Coding Software

It should come as no surprise that there is a significant amount of coding behind the world’s most advanced video games, coding is how game developers are able to build a world and a platform for people to play within and it is at the forefront of the gaming technology that is used within the development process. It is essential that game developers have access to the most advanced coding and game building software that is available, this will have a direct effect on the overall quality of the game and must at least be on par with the competition.  

Graphic Design Tools

The final piece of technology that is essential for game creation would have to be the graphic design and animation software, depending on the style of game and how realistic the graphics are there is some pretty advanced tech behind creating the breathtaking landscapes and characters that are featured within some of our most loved games. Most gaming developers and companies will have access to a huge graphics design team who are on hand to create a vibrant and realistic graphics quality to add to the immersive experience of a game. 

Inside the Tech: How Vapes Work and How they Can Improve

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of people using vapes. As the world has become far more conscious about what we put in our bodies, the amount of people that once smoked cigarettes has started to decrease. Vaping has become a popular alternative to other methods that were typically used to stop smoking such as nicotine gum and patches.  

These days it is hard to find someone who doesn’t vape. Vaping hasn’t just been popular for people who are trying to break away from traditional smoking. People who have never really smoked previously have also decided to take up vaping as an activity, due to its relaxing properties. Though so many of us choose to vape every day, how many of us really understand how vapes work?  

If you have ever owned a vape, you will be aware that there is a certain degree of knowledge that you have to know in order to be able to own your vape comfortably. For example, how to change a cartridge and how to keep your battery healthy. Though many of us know these basic fundamentals, understanding how vapes actually work is another story altogether, after all when they advertise vapes, they don’t really go into the technical details.  

How do vapes work? 

Vapes have actually been around a long time and within this time, there have been some drastic changes in the way in which they work. To keep it simple, we will only go into how most commercial vapes work as of right now. 

 The vapes that are commonly used today are made up of four compartments. Firstly you have your cartridge, this is what holds your e-liquid or vape liquids. This is where you also add your nicotine to the vape if you are someone that wishes to use it.  With this, you also have some sort of heating element. Every company has its own design for heating elements, but they all do the same thing. In order to operate the heating element, every vape also has a battery source, which can usually be charged up or replaced. Lastly, every vape has a mouthpiece of some sort so that the vape can be used comfortably.  

Now that you are aware of all of the compartments that you can find within a vape, we are going to go into a bit more detail on how each piece operates and how we believe they can be improved.  

The cartridge  

The cartridge is known by a few names. If the cartridge doesn’t seem familiar to you, then you may know it as a tank or a pod. This is where you put the e-liquid that you intend on using, along with any additional nicotine.  You can reuse the same cartridge with different liquids or you can even add different cartridges, as long as they fit the model of vape you have.  

You may know that CBD cartridges are available to purchase quite commonly these days, you can buy these full spectrum cbd vape cartridges and use them instead of just using your typical e-liquid.  

There are a number of improvements that could be made to the cartridge of a vape. One of the biggest issues that people find is that cartridges can be easily broken, which can be extremely annoying. Due to vapes being a smaller item, it is easy to accidentally drop them, so improving this feature will elevate the vaping experience much more.  

The heating elements

Also known as an atomizer or coil, the heating element is what vaporizes the e-liquids within the cartridge. Within the heating element there is a material known as a wick, this absorbs the liquid into the coil and is what allows for the liquid to be vaporized properly.  The majority of vaping devices that you can find right now have a flow sensor that can be manually activated by a button.  

One of the biggest issues that users have with this element of the vape is a coil. Coils can easily become burnt after overuse and quite often need replacing, which can be quite a fiddly task. Until these damaged coils are replaced, they can make the vaping experience very unpleasant and create a burnt taste when you vape.  

The battery 

This is one of the more complicated elements of the vape. A battery can be found within the mod of your vape and is activated by the use of the button. The battery passes a voltage throughout the vape which is then applied to the coil, which is how the coil is able to heat up and vaporize the e-liquid.  The batteries that you find in a typical vape are usually rechargeable and even interchangeable.  

One way in which your standard vape battery could be improved is by being able to hold more power while also continuing to be affordable. After a while of frequent use, it is not irregular for vape batteries to lose a lot of power.   

The mouthpiece  

The mouthpiece is an essential part of the vape as it allows the vape to be used.  A mouthpiece is usually a small piece of plastic that can be easily removed. The size of your mouthpiece really depends on the size of the vape itself. 

The mouthpiece is one of the more dependable parts of the vape, but if there was any criticism is that mouthpieces are really easy to break and could definitely be strengthened.  

Understanding How Battle Royale Servers Actually Work.

As the gaming world goes through so much change on a regular basis there are so many new games available to play right now. Battle royale games in particular have seen a lot of growth in popularity recently due to their arcade-style gameplay and cross-platform capabilities that allow you to play with your friends no matter where they are in the world. Games like Fortnite and Team Fortress are very basic in nature but that could be what makes them so popular, the basic concept is that you are put into a huge randomized lobby and map and players have to fight to the end where one lucky individual will claim the victory.  

As these games are set to have a pretty bright future in terms of remaining popular and relevant in today’s gaming world you may be wondering how it is that these battle royale servers work, and how they are able to hold so many players over the world. It is the hope of many that these games will still be around for years to come and if their ratings are anything to go by I am very sure that we will still be playing these fun games in the future. 

How do they Work 

Battle royale servers work by designating players based on their lobby and chosen game mode, thanks to the huge developments in the server technology that is now available to many gaming providers, they are able to connect players from all over the world to enjoy a good battle royal game with little to no issues or connection lapses. When joining a battle royale game you should select any players or friends that you would like to play with and set up the lobby so that you will be put into a fair game of groups made up of the same number of people. 

Creating an Account  

The first thing to do if you are looking to join a battle royale server would be to download your preferred game and sign up for an account, this is very easy to do and in some cases, the games are actually free to play which I’m sure you will agree is another positive thing. Once you have set up your account you will have access to a range of free add-ons and you will also have the opportunity to buy new skins and weapon designs if that is something you are interested in doing. You can also add on any boosting software or game codes to improve your play experience, for example, you could consistently win all the time at pubg with these free game codes that help you progress in the game at a  much faster rate.

Contacting Your Friends  

Battle royale servers are put together at random so if you are looking to play with your friends you will have to add them to your account and join a lobby together before you go on to join the server. Adding your friends on your battle royale game account is easy and all you will need is their unique code or gamer tag and you can get started right away.  


Connectivity Issues  

One of the biggest issues that many people have with playing on battle royale servers is that a strong internet connection is often required, most game providers have developed their servers to limit the number of connectivity issues and in the case where there is a problem, they have also upgraded their customer service departments to help rectify any issues as best that they can.  

How Do Deepfakes Work and Why are they a Problem

If you are someone that regularly accesses the internet, then you are bound to be more than familiar with deep fakes. In fact, in the last year or so there has been a lot of controversy surrounding deep fakes, as they have been used to put a lot of the world’s leaders in some compromising situations, this includes the queen and even Donald Trump.

Though the world is becoming more familiar with the world of deep fakes, there are still plenty of things that we don’t know about them, like how they work and the problems they could cause in the future.

What are deep fakes

For those of you that don’t know what deep fakes are, deep fakes are when you take the image of someone and edit it into compromising and untrue circumstances. What is so notable about deep fakes is how realistic they look. Unless you were to scrutinize the video or the image closely, it is unlikely that you would even notice that the images that you are seeing are deep fakes. This is why deep fakes have become so popular because it creates the possibility of celebrities and even ordinary people being in circumstances that you would not expect to find them in, but how does deep faking work?

How do deep fakes work?

In order to create a successful deep fake, you are completely reliant on something called artificial neural networks. These networks are systems that recognize recurring patterns in faces and if you give the system enough images to work with, then it should be able to pick up enough similarities to be able to manipulate the face into circumstances and situations that you want to put it in.

Why are they a problem

Though deep fakes can be great for creating projects, they create more problems than they actually fix.

Recently a lot of  YouTubers have been using deep faking to make it appear as though a celebrity has appeared in their video as a way to increase their views. This seems redundant as you can buy youtube views on themarketingheaven without any moral implications. This is extremely unfair for celebrities that depend on the money that they make through appearances to make an income as the people that are using their faces are not giving them any of the profit that they make from their videos, which is arguably extremely wrong of them.


You may also be aware that deep fakes were used in the world of politics very recently. People created videos that looked as though some of the biggest politicians out there were making threats against other countries and these videos even included talk of nuclear weaponry. Thankfully, no action was taken before these videos were found out to be deep fakes. However, absolutely anything could have happened because of these videos which show just how dangerous deep fakes can be. You never know what famous politician people will use next and what devastating effect it could have on the world.


Another way in which deep fakes are having devastating effects on the world is through the porn industry. Deep fakers are taking the faces of well-known celebrities and adding them to porn videos in order to cater to a niche market. There has been a lot of debate on whether or not this is morally wrong, but it is hard to deny that it isn’t ok to steal someone else’s face and put them in a sexually compromising position as a source of monetary gain.

Everything About Tech-SAAS

Technology is an essential thing in times like now. It has so much to offer to individuals and makes their life less complicated and easier. The SAAS (Software as a service) is a legal instrument that governs the use and redistribution of the software. The software is distributed on a subscription basis and is usually hosted centrally. It is also referred to as “on-demand software” by Microsoft besides being called the Web-based software, hosted software, etc. Hundreds of people use this particular software in their day-to-day lives for home and office purposes. 

It is also a part of the cloud computing software that makes sure the storage and the availability of the resources are managed well. All the SAAS apps are usually accessed by the users who use a thin client that is simple and low-maintenance via the use of a good web browser.

It is the most common software model that is used daily for applications like office software, payroll software, messaging software, management software, CAD software, gamification, virtualization, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), invoicing, human resource management, learning management systems, Content Management (CM), service desk management, etc. Besides, SAAS has incorporated a strategy of all the leading software used by big companies. The sale of SAAS is likely to grow up to 23% that is about $72 billion.

History of the software 

The centralized hosting of applications using SAAS first started in the 1960s. IBM offered it as it is conducted using a service bureau business facility referred to as time-sharing and utility computing. These services are offered to big banks and other organizations from data centers all over the world. The software has brought about an entirely new class of centralized computerization. SAAS has emerged as the biggest sub-variety of a cloud database. 

Distribution and price of the software 

The cloud SAAS model does not require a physical distribution system as it is done indirectly and deployed instantaneously, which negates the need for all the traditional partners and intermediaries. Unlike all the other perpetual licenses, SAAS does not require an up-front cost. Rather it charges a subscription amount that can be either monthly or annually. The cost of setting up SAAS software is comparatively less than the other usual software, and the vendors typically charge it depending on the number of people using the application at a time. Usually, the customers reside with the SAAS vendors, and the money charged while using the application.

The low cost of setting up new customers in a multitenant environment allows people to enable all the SAAS vendors to come and offer applications that mostly use a defined freemium model. Through this model, the free services are offered with limited functionality as well as scope. The vendors use a key driver for the growth and to provide competitive on-premise software. 

Characteristics of the software 

  • Configuration and customization: all the SAAS applications are typically known as the application configurators. The customer can easily alter all the configuration options that further affect the functions and look of the software. Every customer molds the settings as per their convenience and the designs they like
  • Featured delivery system: the SAAS software has to be updated more than all the other traditionally used software programs. Certain factors enable its use, some of which are:
  1. Hosting of the application to be done centrally because, in this case, the update is decided as well as executed by the providers and not the customers
  2. The application should only have a single level of configuration that helps make the process of development faster. 
  3. The applications’ vendors do not expend their resources by updating and maintaining every backdated software version again and again. This is because there is only a single version of the same.
  4. The vendor of the application gets access to all the data that belongs to the customer and expediting design and testing using regression.
  5. The solution provider gets access to all the user behavior within the application.  
  • Using open integration protocols: as SAAS software does not have access to the company’s internal systems, they usually offer integration protocols along with API’s (Application Programming Interface). The software operates over a wide network and has spawned the mashup development as they are lightweight and help combine the data. All this helps in creating compound services. 
  • They have a collaborative function: the software is inspired by all the services on the networking sites. Several SAAS applications provide collaborative features as well as share information.

Advantages of SAAS 

The following are the advantages of SAAS:

  • It helps in flexible payments: customers opt for this software as it does not include complications of purchasing the entire software or having additional hardware to support it. This service thus makes use of the pay-on-the-go option. The offerings of SAAS can be terminated whenever the individual wants to stop all kinds of recurring costs. 
  • It has a scalable usage: cloud services like SAAS offer high vertical scalability as it gives greater access to the customers to choose a few or more services. 
  • They come with automatic updates: rather than purchasing new software every time, people using SAAS software can update it every few days. It also ensures patch management and helps reduce the burden on the IT staff of any organization.
  • They have accessibility and persistence: because all the SAAS loaded applications are delivered to the individuals over the internet, they get easy access to any internet-abled device and location familiar to the applications. 

Besides, many other models support the software and help in a smooth functioning and a good-quality infrastructure and services offered. Thus, getting access to SAAS enabled software is important for all the big enterprises and organizations using the software. It is the greatest software that makes the life of individuals easier.