With over 500 million active daily users, Facebook owned Instagram is one of the largest online social media platforms currently running. Its easy-to-use interface and wide variety of in app photo editing opportunities allow people to express their creativity in a wide variety of ways to make the profile be unique. The ability to save your favorite stories to always be on your profile helps give newcomers a quick summary of your favorite moments, the ability to Instagram Schriftart ändern is helpful to ensure your profile can visually stand out from the rest and the easy to recognize nametag system makes sharing the profile with the world as easy as possible. All this is great but in the free market, when one company is dominating with a great product it just forces their competitors to step up to their level. Here are a few social media platforms that are trying to knock Instagram off of their throne.


Is Facebook falling out of popularity?


For a while, Facebook was the dominating social media platform of the world. It surpassed My Space in 2008 as the social media site with the most daily visits and has just got bigger and bigger since. The ability to share statuses, videos, pictures, play games, video chat and message others gave the app a huge amount of flexibility. People could use it for all of their internet needs from following their favorite celebrities, getting their news headlines, watching videos of their nephews first day at school or playing 8 ball with a friend. Even with all this, in 2018 the usage of Facebook started to decline from 67% to 62%, but why. There could be plenty of reasons for this. It could be due to their younger users choosing to use other sites such as Instagram, Tik Tok and snapchat but one of the main reasons is influencers. Due to the easily digestible and consistent format of Instagram, companies pay celebrities and influencers to take photos of themselves using the product and post it to Instagram as an ad. That kind of sponsorship based integrated advertising isn’t anywhere near as prominent on Facebook as it’s much easier for content to get swept under the rug there. All this means that celebs end up gravitating towards other platforms where they can make more money, and they end up taking their fans with them.


What even is Tik Tok?


After merging with the almost dead app that was known as Musical.ly in 2018, TikTok became available worldwide and very quickly started to grow in popularity. TikTok proved a continuous stream of short repeating videos that fit into plenty of different types and genres. All the way from big worldwide news stories to hyper specific comedy skits you’d only understand if you were a British teenager in 2014. Although it may pale in comparison to Instagram in terms of userbase, the users who do use TikTok tend to spend more time on average scrolling through their feed. TikTok content recommendation algorithm is incredibly effect recognizing a user’s interest and funneling them hyper specific content related to those interests. Whilst most social media apps have a system like this, the TikTok algorithm is famous for how quickly it zeros in on a person unique interests and personality traits. Instagram’s on the other hand is famous for almost the exact opposite. Their recommended discover page is often no where near as accurate in the type of content it filters its users than TikTok is which could be a make or break in the future.


Is YouTube even a Social Media Platform?


By far the biggest video sharing forum on the internet, YouTube has been a staple part of the online world since it began in 2005. It’s gone through a lot of changes over the past seventeen years but is still just as popular as ever boasting a massive 2.291 Billion active users. Whilst YouTube has now almost become on the same level as something like Netflix in terms of the consistent content production is provides for its users, its easy to forget that alongside Myspace, YouTube helped to create the blueprint for a lot of social media rends to follow. The intense connection between creators and users through the comments section, the ability to rate videos and share them with other people, all of this really got popular through YouTube. To this day, even Instagram is only just started to realize the important of connecting influencers and their fans. The introduction of Instagram Live is starting to scratch that YouTube itch for a lot of people, why watch a 10-minute video of a big celebrity discussing their next project on YouTube when you can ask them questions about it live on their Instagram story. If Instagram leans into this concept, they could easily poach some of YouTubes massive userbase for themselves.


In conclusion, Instagram may be doing well but the fight isn’t over yet. Thought the big social media titans are falling in popularity Instagram would still need to effectively show that they are a good replacement for them. And with much more concise apps like TikTok with a more accurate and digestible feed creeping right up on them, who knows where Instagram will be within the next 10 years but I for one am excited to see the future of social media.

Author: Lorraine


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