When it comes to starting out within the hectic world of the technology industry it is very important that your foundation team is a strong one so that the business has the best start it can possibly have, which will also help with the expansion process as your company starts to grow. This will mean that although it may cause a delay to the progression rate you would have wanted, you should spend a significant amount of time vetting and interviewing potential candidates who are worthy to join your team. Depending on the area of technology development you specialize in, your team should consist of someone who is the brains behind designing, marketing, producing, and development. This will change as you start to establish your company and more management heads will be necessary to fulfill whatever role you are in need of.  


There are many things that you can do to ensure you are bringing people onto your team who are going to do your company justice, and when your company is still in its early stages of coming together it is likely that you will not have the resources or finances available to be paying for workers who are not up to the standard which is necessary.  


Advertising the Position

One of the easiest ways to attract people who may be interested in working with you would be to advertise for the role, you can do this the old fashioned way by handing out leaflets and putting posters in shop windows, or you could go online and take advantage of some of the amazing job advertising pages that are available and free to use. You should try and target people who are going to have a passion for the industry and for developing new technology, a sure-fire way to find these types of people would be to contact university and college graduates who are likely to be interested as it as much a once in a lifetime opportunity for them as it is for you.  


You may notice that once you have a few people on board some of them may have access to contacts and friends who may not have otherwise heard about the position. If you are feeling good about your choices and a level of trust is being established between you then go with your gut and start to grow your business and get used to working as a part of a team.  


Sourcing a Developer

Having a developer within your team is crucial if you have any ideas about releasing a product within the year, your developer is particularly important when it comes to creating tech as a wide range of tests and safety checks must be completed before you will be able to release a product to the public. Although having a developer onside does not necessarily need to be your first thought you should start advertising for the position within your first few months of formation. It can be very stressful especially in the early periods of putting your tech company together and you could very easily be overwhelmed, but if you are able to find a developer quickly then the sooner you will be able to start putting plans in place and set a date for the release of your first product.  

When you reach the time to start developing your chosen products you will be very thankful that you sourced someone for the position early on. Having the extra time to plan how you are going to make sure everything runs smoothly is a very valuable thing that will save you a lot of stress later on in your business progression. 

If you are looking for a high-quality developer to join your team I would urge you to see my previous advice, offering some form of the graduate program is a great way to find young bright minds who are fresh from their education about developing software and technology. You could also advertise for the position making sure you provide specific details of what qualifications and experience are necessary.  


Importance of IT Support and Security

When building your team you can often make the mistake of overlooking some basic requirements that are necessary for the survival of any tech company. Having IT support and proper security procedures in place to safeguard your files and data is very important to ensure your secrets are safe from the competition. If you are looking for business IT support in London then do not worry as there are a wide range of companies in the city that can quickly be on hand to deal with any technical issues you are facing. For a tech company if there is an issue with the computers it is likely to bring the whole business to a standstill, so it is very important to have these measures in place. 


Expanding Your Team

If everything has gone as you planned and the work that you have put into growing and recruiting your team has paid off, you should be making big business moves within a couple of years. No matter how big your company grows however you should always be mindful of the mantra you set in place at the very beginning, by vetting candidates to the same level to ensure the standard of staff that you are taking on is only going to help your business grow and improve in quality.  

Author: Lorraine


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