We live in an age where most of our work is done through computers. Technology is growing at such a fast pace that the whole world is getting digitalized. Saas or software as a service is something that has made this lot easier and affordable. Cloud computing is an example of the saas. 

Gone are the days where you needed a server for all your business applications, manage your finances, human resources, managing your supply chain, and so on. Though it seemed fine back then, it is now an outdated thought. With saas, you can do all this over the internet and pay as you use. You need not buy expensive servers or other software or hardware for your business needs; it is done through the internet.

What is saas?

Saas is the process of using any software you need to gain access to your required data through an internet connection. You can access the data through any device. The saas application has several names like web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software, and they are run on the saas provider’s servers. The service provider manages all that is needed for smooth performance, like easy access to the application, security, availability of data, and performance.

The characteristics of saas

  • Protects the privacy of each customer

The privacy of every customer is protected by providing reliable and secure service. The users do not have to worry about any third party accessing their account.

  • The SAAS has a multitenantmultitenant architecture

 The SAAS uses multitenant architecture as all the users use a common infrastructure and code base maintained centrally.

  • Easy customization

The user can easily customize applications according to his business needs without affecting the main infrastructure. The SAAS providers keep the users up to date through regular updates.

  • Improved access

The user gets better access to any data through any device, and it also makes it easier for the user to manage and monitor data use.

How does SAAS help you?

Software as a service is completely different from the traditional methods. If you are a user of SAAS: 

  • You have to pay a monthly or annual subscription to the cloud provider, and you get the software through the internet. It all happens in their data centers and servers, and they are responsible for maintaining it so that you can use it without any complications.
  • Your monthly subscription includes patching, security, maintenance, and upgrades. You don’t need to worry about any of it, and it is all the responsibility of the cloud provider.
  • You are always up to date as the provider updates it regularly. These updates provide you with new functions and capabilities.

So SAAS has all that you need, minus the headaches. No need to reprogram old software so that it can handle the current situations. You are always using the new version with SAAS.

What makes SAAS different?

Usually, you can buy software on a perpetual license basis, where you can pay for a single license and use it as much as you want. You need to pay the software vendors a small maintenance fee yearly. But when it comes to SAAS, you need to pay as a subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. But why do people still prefer SAAS?

There are many reasons for this. A few of them are:

  • Perpetual license software depends a lot on operating systems, and they do not work on any other operating systems other than the one they are designed for.
  • There is no or very little incentive for developers to update the software to a newer version. So when a new update comes, the software companies usually drop the older version and go for the newer ones.
  • Many applications need expensive hardware or servers to run the application internally. And most of the applications require a specialist to run the program or enable it to run internally. If something goes wrong, it needs to be fixed immediately. Otherwise, the business may lose valuable data.

So with all these problems, the business ends up spending a lot of money on operating costs. SAAs, on the other hand, can be a perfect solution to all of these problems.

The benefits of SAAS

  • The software is delivered via a web browser, so there is no need for any operating system. If your device can run a web browser, then SAAS can help you with anything.
  • SAAS runs all the software on its data centers and servers in the cloud or internet, so the user need not spend any money to maintain any expensive hardware and no need to hire an IT specialist to do the work. SAAS has its team of support staff, so the users save both time and money.
  • SAAS updates its software frequently, and the subscription you provide makes them respond immediately to any bug problem or any other issues.
  • The privacy risk is also reduced as the software is affordable and cannot be stolen. It is a straight forward policy of pay and use. If you do not pay, you will not be able to access it.

A few examples where SAAS is used effectively

  • Zen desk
  • Shopify
  • Dropbox
  • Hub spot
  • G suite
  • Adobe creative cloud
  • Microsoft office 365

Great for any business

SAAS can be used for any business. It is not complicated or does not need any specialist to work it out. It is also cheaper and faster than any other traditional method. So it is being used for many business needs. With more and more business owners opting for cloud-based computing, SAAS is the perfect solution. The software vendors need to keep their software always updated to remain in the competition. As the competition grows, the cloud-based products will become cheaper automatically, making it affordable for new startup companies to start their business without any worries. To stay ahead in the competition and subscribe for SAAS today and make your business ready for this competitive market.

Author: Lorraine


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