If you are someone that regularly accesses the internet, then you are bound to be more than familiar with deep fakes. In fact, in the last year or so there has been a lot of controversy surrounding deep fakes, as they have been used to put a lot of the world’s leaders in some compromising situations, this includes the queen and even Donald Trump.

Though the world is becoming more familiar with the world of deep fakes, there are still plenty of things that we don’t know about them, like how they work and the problems they could cause in the future.

What are deep fakes

For those of you that don’t know what deep fakes are, deep fakes are when you take the image of someone and edit it into compromising and untrue circumstances. What is so notable about deep fakes is how realistic they look. Unless you were to scrutinize the video or the image closely, it is unlikely that you would even notice that the images that you are seeing are deep fakes. This is why deep fakes have become so popular because it creates the possibility of celebrities and even ordinary people being in circumstances that you would not expect to find them in, but how does deep faking work?

How do deep fakes work?

In order to create a successful deep fake, you are completely reliant on something called artificial neural networks. These networks are systems that recognize recurring patterns in faces and if you give the system enough images to work with, then it should be able to pick up enough similarities to be able to manipulate the face into circumstances and situations that you want to put it in.

Why are they a problem

Though deep fakes can be great for creating projects, they create more problems than they actually fix.

Recently a lot of  YouTubers have been using deep faking to make it appear as though a celebrity has appeared in their video as a way to increase their views. This seems redundant as you can buy youtube views on themarketingheaven without any moral implications. This is extremely unfair for celebrities that depend on the money that they make through appearances to make an income as the people that are using their faces are not giving them any of the profit that they make from their videos, which is arguably extremely wrong of them.


You may also be aware that deep fakes were used in the world of politics very recently. People created videos that looked as though some of the biggest politicians out there were making threats against other countries and these videos even included talk of nuclear weaponry. Thankfully, no action was taken before these videos were found out to be deep fakes. However, absolutely anything could have happened because of these videos which show just how dangerous deep fakes can be. You never know what famous politician people will use next and what devastating effect it could have on the world.


Another way in which deep fakes are having devastating effects on the world is through the porn industry. Deep fakers are taking the faces of well-known celebrities and adding them to porn videos in order to cater to a niche market. There has been a lot of debate on whether or not this is morally wrong, but it is hard to deny that it isn’t ok to steal someone else’s face and put them in a sexually compromising position as a source of monetary gain.

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