In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of people using vapes. As the world has become far more conscious about what we put in our bodies, the amount of people that once smoked cigarettes has started to decrease. Vaping has become a popular alternative to other methods that were typically used to stop smoking such as nicotine gum and patches.  

These days it is hard to find someone who doesn’t vape. Vaping hasn’t just been popular for people who are trying to break away from traditional smoking. People who have never really smoked previously have also decided to take up vaping as an activity, due to its relaxing properties. Though so many of us choose to vape every day, how many of us really understand how vapes work?  

If you have ever owned a vape, you will be aware that there is a certain degree of knowledge that you have to know in order to be able to own your vape comfortably. For example, how to change a cartridge and how to keep your battery healthy. Though many of us know these basic fundamentals, understanding how vapes actually work is another story altogether, after all when they advertise vapes, they don’t really go into the technical details.  

How do vapes work? 

Vapes have actually been around a long time and within this time, there have been some drastic changes in the way in which they work. To keep it simple, we will only go into how most commercial vapes work as of right now. 

 The vapes that are commonly used today are made up of four compartments. Firstly you have your cartridge, this is what holds your e-liquid or vape liquids. This is where you also add your nicotine to the vape if you are someone that wishes to use it.  With this, you also have some sort of heating element. Every company has its own design for heating elements, but they all do the same thing. In order to operate the heating element, every vape also has a battery source, which can usually be charged up or replaced. Lastly, every vape has a mouthpiece of some sort so that the vape can be used comfortably.  

Now that you are aware of all of the compartments that you can find within a vape, we are going to go into a bit more detail on how each piece operates and how we believe they can be improved.  

The cartridge  

The cartridge is known by a few names. If the cartridge doesn’t seem familiar to you, then you may know it as a tank or a pod. This is where you put the e-liquid that you intend on using, along with any additional nicotine.  You can reuse the same cartridge with different liquids or you can even add different cartridges, as long as they fit the model of vape you have.  

You may know that CBD cartridges are available to purchase quite commonly these days, you can buy these full spectrum cbd vape cartridges and use them instead of just using your typical e-liquid.  

There are a number of improvements that could be made to the cartridge of a vape. One of the biggest issues that people find is that cartridges can be easily broken, which can be extremely annoying. Due to vapes being a smaller item, it is easy to accidentally drop them, so improving this feature will elevate the vaping experience much more.  

The heating elements

Also known as an atomizer or coil, the heating element is what vaporizes the e-liquids within the cartridge. Within the heating element there is a material known as a wick, this absorbs the liquid into the coil and is what allows for the liquid to be vaporized properly.  The majority of vaping devices that you can find right now have a flow sensor that can be manually activated by a button.  

One of the biggest issues that users have with this element of the vape is a coil. Coils can easily become burnt after overuse and quite often need replacing, which can be quite a fiddly task. Until these damaged coils are replaced, they can make the vaping experience very unpleasant and create a burnt taste when you vape.  

The battery 

This is one of the more complicated elements of the vape. A battery can be found within the mod of your vape and is activated by the use of the button. The battery passes a voltage throughout the vape which is then applied to the coil, which is how the coil is able to heat up and vaporize the e-liquid.  The batteries that you find in a typical vape are usually rechargeable and even interchangeable.  

One way in which your standard vape battery could be improved is by being able to hold more power while also continuing to be affordable. After a while of frequent use, it is not irregular for vape batteries to lose a lot of power.   

The mouthpiece  

The mouthpiece is an essential part of the vape as it allows the vape to be used.  A mouthpiece is usually a small piece of plastic that can be easily removed. The size of your mouthpiece really depends on the size of the vape itself. 

The mouthpiece is one of the more dependable parts of the vape, but if there was any criticism is that mouthpieces are really easy to break and could definitely be strengthened.  

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