Twitter’s “Bootstrap” is a HOT topic, especially in the Sass community. Sadly, they used LESS instead of Sass. Well, fellow staff member John W. Long changed that with Sass Twitter Bootstrap.


Thanks John for stepping out and porting this for all of us Sass-lovers to enjoy!

 * Bootstrap v1.1.0
 * Copyright 2011 Twitter, Inc
 * Licensed under the Apache License v2.0
 * Designed and built with all the love in the world @twitter by @mdo and @fat.
 * Converted to Sass by @johnwlong.
 * Date: @DATE

// CSS Reset
@import "reset.scss";

// Core
@import "preboot.scss";
@import "scaffolding.scss";

// Styled patterns and elements
@import "type.scss";
@import "forms.scss";
@import "tables.scss";
@import "patterns.scss";
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