There seems to be some disconnect between fact and fiction surrounding the Sass indented syntax. To be clear, the Sass indented syntax has not been and will never be deprecated!

The Canonical Clarification

There’s been a bit of commenting back and forth as well as a few tweets spawned from “SCSS, the Gateway Drug to Sass”. It seems that somehow the consensus of the Sass community is under the impression that the Sass indented syntax is not suggested and that it will eventually be deprecated. NOT true!

When SCSS was released early last year, Nathan Weizenbaum posted “The Indented Sass Syntax is Here to Stay” (thanks to Brandon Mathis for the reminder) with the intention that this post would be the canonical clarification and assurance to let the Sass community know the indented Sass syntax is, in fact, here to stay and that it has not been and will never be deprecated.

So, rest assured that if you get hopped up on SCSS and find that Sass (the indented syntax) is better for you in the end, you can take that leap with faith! The sass-convert command is always there at your disposal, and you are never locked into a choice of one or the other.

slight off topic, but you can even mix the two in a project. You just can’t mix Sass with SCSS in the same file.

Share your Thoughts!

We aren’t fighting a war here and this isn’t a debate of which syntax is better than the other. The fact of the matter is that you have a choice and you are never locked into that choice. You can freely and easily move from SCSS to Sass and vice versa.

Please share any comments or questions you have, we are all ears!

Author: Lorraine


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