You live in the twenty-first century. Hence, you must know that technology is all around you. It is in the air you breathe and the water you drink. Did you get the metaphor? So it is almost categorized as one of the many necessities of life. Nobody realized when and how technology took over the world, but now it seems impossible to imagine a world where you could not talk on your mobile phone with someone miles away.

Over the years, technology has saved several lives and, at the same time, endangered many. It is no surprise that some people have had a tough time adapting to this tremendous change of reality with virtuality. The older generation, especially, has not received and welcomed technology with the same warm energy that the youth has. The age difference and the difference in attitude have contributed to this difference in welcome.

Technology – a boon or a bane?

Ah, the same old debate! And the same old views for and against it. Although the younger generation has quite the fun and the time of their lives getting to live in this era of when technology is at its peak and continuously experimenting with it, the oldies are sitting in their chairs, struggling to understand how to make a phone call. No matter how much you explain it to them, the concept of virtuality will always be foreign to them as they did not have any of it in their time. Labeling it as a bane or a boon is quite tricky as it is based on various extreme opinions – some even aggressive. Favor the one side of the sea-saw, and you are met with the heavyweight of voices on the other side, terribly and quickly pulling you down.

Technology has challenged people to evolve and do something nobody ever thought of always. Every day, there is something new in the newspapers and on the television news channels (also an essential product of technology, by the way) that blows people’s minds away. It merely does these two things: it gives you the resources you can enjoy globally and uses these resources to develop something new that others would enjoy and become a resource for others. It goes on and on. Even in industries, you can never make out whether people are loving technological changes or not. Some businesses that did not bend in front of technology are out of business now. For them, it, of course, is evil. However, some companies have increased multifold due to the proper use of technology. One of the useful techniques in businesses is SAAS.

What is SAAS?

Glad you asked. Theoretically speaking, SAAS means the software as a service. It is software that is cloud-based. Your date will be stored in virtual storage which people with an internet connection and an electronic device can surf. Internet users can directly visit your website where you will post relevant content about your business. You can understand it as the online version of your business. You must know what a website means or at least heard about it. So, a SaaS hosts a website. Like, it allows it to be there on the Internet and, in a way, sponsors it. It is a part of virtual cloud computing and has given way to several apps that are now most frequently used in businesses. The applications under SaaS are referred to as on-demand software, hosted software, and web-based software. You have to pay for subscribing to these software applications.

The applications of software as a service

As you must know by now, software as a service offers a wide range of applications, some for every industry. If you are using technology-based systems in your day-to-day business, you must be using at least one of them. The following are many of the apps that you use every day: office software, database management software, messaging software, human resource management, talent acquisition, software for processing payroll, management software, accounting systems, customer relations management, enterprise resource planning, content management systems, learning management systems, management information software, and geographic information system. Do you see it? Did you not know any of them before? Of course, you did. Some or all of these systems are used in every office. These systems have made working in the office so much more comfortable than the normal pen and paper. You must be working on one right now, but you don’t know.

Some of the most amazing SaaS applications are as follows:

  • Collecting all the data and information about your customers, sales, and new leads – all at the same place.
  • Creating, editing, and sharing from any of your electronic devices with your colleagues over any medium of the network – again, all at one place.
  • Apps that facilitate video conferencing/meetings based on a reminder in your phone and let you share your calendars with others.
  • Editing a document, video, photo, or album over the Internet without saving it to the device and sharing it with your friends.
  • Electronically/digitally signing of essential documents to finalize a deal or your registration on any platform.
  • Storing your files on the cloud (which nobody knows where it is) and save space on your devices.

Facts about software as a service

Along with the applications, you need to know some basic features of this concept called SaaS. Your data is safe on cloud storage as long as only you are in control of it. Systems are continually improving to ensure your security. When you create, edit, store, or share some date, you will own it, in most cases. Whatever SaaS application you are currently using, you can customize it according to your design preferences and choice. In the end, you will decide whether your business will work better on physical premises or SaaS apps based on the level of specialization your business offers and software customization it needs in the future.

Author: Lorraine


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