What is it about Sass that turns me into a fanatic? How is Sass like your favorite TV show? And why am I often alone at parties?

It all starts at a web design mixer

A few weeks ago I was at a web design mixer and found myself talking to a well-known front-end developer, so naturally we started talking shop. We had talked on Twitter before and I knew she wasn’t a Sass user. I found myself slipping into recruiter mode. I got excited, started talking louder and faster, and going on (and on) about what I loved about writing CSS this way. In other words, being a bore. Once I noticed I was crossing that line I tried to dial it back. I apologized, and in doing so I came up with a name for what I was becoming.

“Wow. Sorry for turning into The Sass Jerk just then. That’s not the party you were looking for, I’m sure.” Gracefully, she said something like, “Hey, you clearly get a lot out of it. I just haven’t had time to really try it.”

Why do I carry on like this?

Well it turns out, I’m a fan. I’m also a fan of lots of music, film, books, TV, and even other web technology. What is it about Sass that turns me into a fanatic? I think it’s a few things. It helps me get my job done, but that’s not enough to push me over the edge. It also opens up new creative opportunities. That’s huge. I want it to reach critical mass where I can be sure other CSS folks have made an informed decision to use it or not. It’s also that I know it can still improve and that a larger user base will help that along. And then there’s the dream that if all of us like working with these tools that eventually we won’t need them because real CSS will adopt them.

“Are you watching Mad Men?” ~ TV nerds in 2008

Wow that’s a good show. It was maybe the best thing produced on television but I wasn’t watching it yet. I just kept hearing all my friends go into Mad Men Jerk mode (or The Wire, or Battlestar Galactica) and I’d shrug and tell them that it sounds cool, but I haven’t had time for it yet. That was the truth. I filed their enthusiasm away, and eventually watched and became a fan of each of those shows. My friends were getting a lot out of these shows and wanted to tell the world. Perhaps they were also hoping that their favorite underdog show would get popular enough that they could be sure it wouldn’t get cancelled, and might grow and evolve into something even more wonderful. They definitely didn’t want another Deadwood or Firefly lying dead before their time.

I’m trying to keep my cool, I swear. But I’m still talking about my favorite stuff. You know, like Game of Thrones, Yo Gabba Gabba, and The Walking Dead.

Author: Lorraine


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