As the gaming world goes through so much change on a regular basis there are so many new games available to play right now. Battle royale games in particular have seen a lot of growth in popularity recently due to their arcade-style gameplay and cross-platform capabilities that allow you to play with your friends no matter where they are in the world. Games like Fortnite and Team Fortress are very basic in nature but that could be what makes them so popular, the basic concept is that you are put into a huge randomized lobby and map and players have to fight to the end where one lucky individual will claim the victory.  

As these games are set to have a pretty bright future in terms of remaining popular and relevant in today’s gaming world you may be wondering how it is that these battle royale servers work, and how they are able to hold so many players over the world. It is the hope of many that these games will still be around for years to come and if their ratings are anything to go by I am very sure that we will still be playing these fun games in the future. 

How do they Work 

Battle royale servers work by designating players based on their lobby and chosen game mode, thanks to the huge developments in the server technology that is now available to many gaming providers, they are able to connect players from all over the world to enjoy a good battle royal game with little to no issues or connection lapses. When joining a battle royale game you should select any players or friends that you would like to play with and set up the lobby so that you will be put into a fair game of groups made up of the same number of people. 

Creating an Account  

The first thing to do if you are looking to join a battle royale server would be to download your preferred game and sign up for an account, this is very easy to do and in some cases, the games are actually free to play which I’m sure you will agree is another positive thing. Once you have set up your account you will have access to a range of free add-ons and you will also have the opportunity to buy new skins and weapon designs if that is something you are interested in doing. You can also add on any boosting software or game codes to improve your play experience, for example, you could consistently win all the time at pubg with these free game codes that help you progress in the game at a  much faster rate.

Contacting Your Friends  

Battle royale servers are put together at random so if you are looking to play with your friends you will have to add them to your account and join a lobby together before you go on to join the server. Adding your friends on your battle royale game account is easy and all you will need is their unique code or gamer tag and you can get started right away.  


Connectivity Issues  

One of the biggest issues that many people have with playing on battle royale servers is that a strong internet connection is often required, most game providers have developed their servers to limit the number of connectivity issues and in the case where there is a problem, they have also upgraded their customer service departments to help rectify any issues as best that they can.  

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