What do you get when combine the power of Sass with Zurb? You get Zurb Foundation for Sass and Compass.

Foundation is awesome.

I come out of the gate saying, “Foundation is awesome.” It’s the perfect flexible grid from desktop to mobile.

Foundation includes forms, buttons, and a UI library. Plus other ZURB Playground favorites like Orbit and Reveal.

With case studies like ZURB JobsSwizzle and the Foundation site itself, how can we deny ZURB of hitting this one out of the park?

Foundation’s Features

ZURB Foundation features a set of global styles that include Eric Meyer’s reset, tested styles for typography, links, lists, tables and more.

And ZURB didn’t stop there, they did an awesome job showing off the documentation too. You can learn about all the features of Foundation, as well as how to use it on mobile and desktop displays.


From your Terminal …

(sudo) gem install ZURB-foundation

If you use Bundler, simply add ZURB-foundation to your Gemfile and bundle install.

gem 'ZURB-foundation'

Form here, you have a few options on getting started with ZURB Foundation. You can start a Compass-based project with ZURB Foundation or you can install ZURB Foundation into an existing Compass-based project.

Start a Compass-based project with ZURB Foundation

You can start a brand new project using Compass and ZURB Foundation with the following compass command.

compass create <project-name> -r ZURB-foundation --using ZURB-foundation --force

If you’d like to require ZURB Foundation to install using a particular Sass syntax, use the Compass --syntax flag. Here’s an example.

compass create <my_project> -r ZURB-foundation --using ZURB-foundation --syntax sass --force

Install ZURB Foundation into an existing Compass-based project

You can install ZURB Foundation into an existing project with Compass in place already.

compass install ZURB-foundation/project

Running this will unfurl a number of files from the ZURB Foundation gem using the Compass framework.

-> % compass install ZURB-foundation/project
directory images/misc/ 
directory images/orbit/ 
directory javascripts/ 
directory sass/ 
directory stylesheets/ 
   create sass/app.scss 
   create sass/ie.scss 
   create javascripts/app.js 
   create javascripts/forms.jquery.js 
   create javascripts/jquery.customforms.js 
   create javascripts/jquery.min.js 
   create javascripts/jquery.reveal.js 
   create javascripts/jquery.orbit-1.3.0.js 
   create javascripts/jquery.placeholder.min.js 
   create index.html 
   create humans.txt 
   create robots.txt 
   create MIT-LICENSE.txt 
   create images/misc/button-gloss.png 
   create images/misc/button-overlay.png 
   create images/misc/custom-form-sprites.png 
   create images/misc/input-bg.png 
   create images/misc/modal-gloss.png 
   create images/misc/table-sorter.png 
   create images/orbit/bullets.jpg 
   create images/orbit/left-arrow.png 
   create images/orbit/loading.gif 
   create images/orbit/mask-black.png 
   create images/orbit/pause-black.png 
   create images/orbit/right-arrow.png 
   create images/orbit/rotator-black.png 
   create images/orbit/timer-black.png 
   create stylesheets/app.css 
   create stylesheets/ie.css 

Awesome examples to check out

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